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EasyRider Fly-Ride Touring

If you have a large garden shed and a degree in aeronautics then why not convert your Hayabusa into something like this? One of these will certainly get you to Spain a lot faster than riding there, whilst at the same time avoiding road tolls, tyre wear and speed cameras!

….However, if you don’t have the necessary engineering skills, or a pilot’s licence, then why not consider booking an EasyRider tour with Eurobiketrans, and use a conventional airline to fly to the sun?


EasyRider fly-ride tours are a relatively new addition to Eurobiketrans’ range of services and have no connection whatsoever to the 60’s cult film of the same name staring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper!  We work closely with a number of UK based Motorcycle Touring Companies, who have seen the benefits in shipping their customers bikes to a Southern European starting point for their tours. These companies have historically travelled by ferry to the Continent and have routed the first and last few days of their tours via France and the Low Countries. Many have now realised that by shipping their customers bikes they can offer a full one week tour, spending the whole 7 days riding the best biking roads Southern Europe has to offer.

In 2020 we do not plan to offer any guided tours in our own right but we do welcome enquiries from Motorcycle Touring Companies who would like more information about our EasyRider services and we are ready to assist any clubs, groups or individuals with route planning for self-guided tours.

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