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Spanish Motorcycle Transport

Animated-Flag-SpainEurobiketrans offers a weekly service to and from Spain, shipping motorcycles in each direction every Friday. Our receiving depot in the UK is located in Manchester and our Spanish depot is in Rubi on the northern outskirts of Barcelona, as shown on the adjacent map. Customers usually fly to Barcelona Airport, which is well serviced by many of the low cost airlines , they then transfer to our depots by public transport or taxi. For larger parties we can arrange a coach or minibus at a reasonable cost.

We use two sizes of purpose made motorcycle transport stillage, a smaller one at 80 centimetres wide suitable for sports bikes etc. and a larger one at 1 metre wide designed to carry tourers and adventure bikes. The width of your bike at its widest point, including any hard panniers, should not exceed these dimensions. The maximum length of your motorcycle should not exceed 2.40 metres, including any overhanging top box. We can accept larger motorcycles but only be prior agreement. 

We have not included our shipping charges below because they vary depending on the external dimensions of your motorcycles, on the time of year that you want to travel and on the number of motorcycles you book with us, so please click on the Contact Us button below for a price.




Small Motorbike

External Dimensions not Exceeding 2.35L x 0.80W x 1.2H (Mtrs)




Large Motorbike

External dimensions not exceeding 2.35L x 1.00W x 1.30H (Mtrs)